Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The smoky haze is very noticeable here at Mammoth when looking at the mountains in a couple directions. I was asked about the pollution by tourists while out walking--I've apparently achieved the casual look of belonging here which I'd heard employees acquire after awhile. Considering what a minor fire this is and how far away it is (though the wind has been blowing this way all day), I can't help imagining what the place must have looked like back in 1988 when so much of the park was burning. Areas which burned then are still very obvious on sight. As someone mentioned when he learned I was first scheduled to be here 30 years ago, it would have been interesting to have seen it before and now. Here's the current (actually now 12 hours old, so maybe the wind has escalated the flames since then) lightning tale.

I didn't mention that I went along on the ranger walk of the terraces Saturday. The main thing I learned was that tree swallows nest in holes in the travertine. I even saw one fly in but didn't get a photo. Here's one standing around though.

Later--I just read a weather service announcement that this smoke is actually coming from a fire in Idaho.

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