Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Elking Around

The herd of elk had just come down the hill as I ventured out this morning. After breakfast, I headed back to watch for a while and once again saw several calves frolicking, chasing, standing on back legs just outside the dorm, so I went back in to get the camera. After the minute it took me to get back outside, they were all lying down across the street.

There were actually elk in all directions--after moving around to take some photos, it was hard to find a route to where I wanted to go. Now they're on top of the hill silhouetted against the sky and giving out an occasional loud mournful sounding call. And thankfully, a ranger just went up and got rid of a couple morons who were pursuing them. Me, I've decided to master The Way of the Whistle Pig, which for some reason is what people here call the ground squirrels.

Tomorrow I have the day off to head to Bozeman to do some banking, buy some stuff, and eat some good food, and where tomorrow's forecast temperature is 93 degrees. Ugh.

Take the scat quiz. This is your chance to prove that you do know your shit.


Allan Stellar said...

Got four out of five on the pop, errr, poop quiz. Although there were plenty of hints within the questions...

greentangle said...

Yep, I was 5-5 but probably only because of the clues.