Friday, July 23, 2010

Monument Geyser Basin

Went here on a group hike Thursday night. It was a short but steep hike which had my heart pounding on the way up at frequent rest stops and several people slipping on the way down. My new trusty hiking stick served me well and my knee held up to the test.

I guess you could call the Gibbon River meandering.

It's more direct on this side from a lookout near the top of our climb.

A few views of the bizarre landscape at the top of the climb.

And a little color coming to the evening sky.

On the way back we stopped to check out a couple elk. This one looks like he might have a hoofprint on his side.

The organization which offers these hikes and other recreation is already starting to wind down its season, with no hikes scheduled here the first two weeks of August although they are still offered at other locations. Later in August there is a winter job fair which I'll check out for opportunities here and at several ski resorts although I don't expect to go that route. It seems hard to believe that I'm only a week or two from being halfway through my time here. I can sense that saying goodbye to this place and some people here is going to be an emotional experience.

No definite weekend plans so I'll see if the moment moves me to hike or veg out and read while my roommate works. Some night next week, a coworker and I are going to do the full trail which includes the section I covered in the recent Uphill post, and the following Saturday I'm off to see the Tetons for the first time.


Allan Stellar said...

Time travels so fast...I look forward to seeing what happens this Fall for you.

greentangle said...

I'm curious about it myself, Allan! These days there seem to be big internal changes going on. Or maybe it's just these little bottles of California cabernet sauvignon I've been drinking. In any case, it's feeling interesting.