Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quoth the Ravens

Just some pics from this morning's pre-work walk.

A couple killdeer.

Three ravens had gathered on top of Liberty Cap. Took lots of photos but none were that great because of distance and poses. That won't stop me from inflicting you with a few of them.

There's a good sized fire--about 400 acres last I heard--going on in the park now, being fought on the ground and from the air. It's about 7 miles from one of the campgrounds at Yellowstone Lake. A small one was also discovered today near Slough Creek.

And here's the latest totals for bear (which is the only critter I've seen reported on) and human mishaps in the park:

Dead Bears
2 by hit & run vehicles
1 euthanized
1 by trap door to the head

Might as Well be Dead Bear
1 sent to zoo

Dead Humans
2 by motorcycle
1 by drowning while fishing
1 by gun suicide

Humans Sent Flying by Bison

You can keep track of the action via NPS Yellowstone news releases.


Woodswalker said...

So the bear deaths and human deaths are tied. Seems fair. Thanks for the Raven shots, no matter how blurry. I just love those birds!

Ruahines said...

Kia ora GT,
I have to agree with WW about the bear vs, human count. Too bad no humans have been sent to zoos. Also love the photos of the ravens, would love to know what they are talking about.

greentangle said...

And I thought people might be offended by my listing both bears and humans. Well, some people might, but probably no one who'd kept reading this blog!

I love the ravens too. Just after the last shot there, the two looking up took off squawking after whoever they were looking at. I was going to include some dialog for the photos but decided I'm probably not bright enough to invent a raven conversation.

Downpouring right now with flashes of lightning over the hill--hope they all have a dry spot.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora GT,
Just had to pop back and add, any humans getting butted by Bison must deserve it!

greentangle said...

Seriously, that's kind of a yes and no situation. Probably in most cases they were closer than they should have been.

I read on one of the other Yellowstone blogs that recently people were trying to pet an elk. After it got away from them, they tried to put their kid on the elk. Morons like that deserve whatever they get and should just be kicked out of the park if the critters don't trample them first.

But sometimes, it might just be the time of year that has animals chasing people, or that you're the person who becomes the 10th minor irritation of the day just like we snap at someone when cranky.