Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scenes from the Road Less Traveled

This is it.

There are flowers.

And a rock which posed for a photo I like a lot.

There's the road more traveled with the Gardner River next to it.

Both roads go to Gardiner, MT. It's down there in the middle.

There's a magpie.

With a tasty morsel.

There's a road even less traveled.

You are here.

The bear essentials.

There's a Conehead with tourists.

The park's main post office. I'm not sure but I think taking this photo may now be classified as a terrorist act.

If you must live in a dorm, location matters. This one's in a good spot.

It's all Big. It's all Beautiful.

Someone asked me if the new blog means this blog is done. No, greentangle will keep going at least until I leave Yellowstone and probably beyond. I just expect very few of the people who read this one to be interested in reading that one, so I'll spare the majority of you and feel freer there in the process.


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