Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Terrible Threes

It's greentangle's third birthday, which is longer than I ever expected it to live and despite many announcements of its imminent demise. Even if I'd expected to someday write a third birthday post, I certainly never would have expected to be writing it from Yellowstone. Just the latest of many changes, and as great an opportunity as being here is, the fact is I'd rather be writing this with a cat on my lap from an apartment with a view of Lake Superior.

No new photos to share after all, as the Yellowstone bug is back. I'd wonder if I am allergic to some pollen new to me here since I've read the pollen count is very high if not for the fact that I hear so many other people coughing all around me. Along with the cold, one of my knees was popping as I walked to breakfast yesterday so I decided 10 miles hiking including a mountain probably wasn't a good idea.

With no other group hikes I'm interested in scheduled over the next three weeks, I'll just be working and wandering the local area. Fortunately, I do enjoy my job, and with my roommate working weekends I still get these two days mostly to myself. But it's increasingly feeling like this will be a one-time thing for me unless I desperately need a job again next spring.

I'd be happy to take the job itself again, but the roommate and food situations are deal-breakers for me, I'm afraid. I need to live alone, and after initially being satisfied with the food I'm now skipping many meals and craving delivery from Bamboo House or Pizza Luce. And it's not a location for someone who supports public transportation and needs the arts. This is why I've never been solely a nature lover, or a hater of all things urban, and why Duluth was such a good combination for me. A dance performance and a powerful film and a good library and radical humans and "ethnic" food are important parts of a healthy life to me, just as are "undeveloped" land and a large variety of wildlife and a fairly low human population.

I've been feeling rather constrained in my writing lately, with an emphasis on pretty pictures, and the whole "nature writer" thing (thinking of dropping off the Nature Blog Network), and being easily identifiable here--I've had no problem recognizing other bloggers and commenters on Yellowstone related websites. It's not that I'm ashamed of anything I write or think; it's just that I want to be left alone at this point, and don't believe in writing about individuals here even as they may be a big part of my life. I sense more change is gonna come.

Since I didn't hike yesterday and spent the day mostly inside, I used the too slow internet connection to watch a couple videos from the PBS site a few minutes at a time--one about New Orleans and Katrina, and one about William Kunstler made by his daughters. I'm left feeling both nostalgic and radical, craving Bourbon Street and the Sixties, sax and sex, and a different way of life.

Look what's happening out in the streets



Allan Stellar said...

I agree. A dose of the city and culture is good once and awhile. All country and no city makes Allan a dull boy. Sax and Sex, I like that line... :)

greentangle said...

Anyone who has listened to a good sax player knows they go hand in hand, so to speak.

Yeah, I think I need some more variety around here--actually, I always expected this place would be a little more cultural and creative than it has been so far. Maybe time to add some artsy fartsy stuff--give me time and I'll alienate everybody. ;-)