Sunday, July 18, 2010

Uphill (Hike the Second)

After refilling the water bottle, I headed up the trail behind the dorm. Once up there I wasn't the only one enjoying the views.

A couple large raptors were circling lazily but even in zooms remained too distant and blurry to identify.

There were more flowering plants.

At this point I'd walked about two miles over the open portion of the trail. I continued on briefly into the woods but decided to start at the other end of the loop another time to reach the ponds which are at the midpoint.

Coming back, this looked a lot like a gravesite to me. A good one.

I took several photos of this butterfly; this is the least blurry. Some type of Fritillary, I think.

Arriving back above the dorm, I saw a large herd of elk who had apparently just arrived themselves.

Wait a minute. If all those elk are over there, why do all those people have their cameras pointed to the left?

Oh. This one has antlers, looking over his domain.

This was the first time I'd seen an adult male with the herd. A couple coworkers who've been coming here for years said it's about three weeks early.

Eat up, big guy. I saw a bull out in the woods with a lot more tines than you.



Ruahines said...

Kia ora GT,
Been away for a bit, but great to come here and catch up, and particularly to see you getting up into some great views, both near and far. Great stuff.

greentangle said...

Hey Robb, glad you enjoyed the view.

Anonymous said...

The butterfly looks like a Variable Checkerspot or an Edith's Checkerspot to me. They both are, according to my guide, common in your area, and from personal experience, at first glance the underwing of the Variable does look like some Fritillaries.

greentangle said...

OK. thanks. I just have a very limited general field guide for the region which doesn't have one you mention and only shows the very different looking top of the other.