Thursday, July 29, 2010

Water Cooler Talk

No one talks about what was on television last night in my office in the morning. Most of us don't even have televisions. Nope, the morning chat here is about what animals you saw or which trail you hiked last night. I did hike a trail last night with a coworker and saw some animals and I'll post some photos later. But this morning the latest bear attack was the big news.

You've probably heard this in national news but I thought I'd stick a link in anyway. They've caught a mother bear and two of her three cubs after a campground massacree which killed one person and sent a couple more to the hospital with bites. All the people were in different tents--sounds like a coordinated attack plan. You just peel off the wrapper and the food's inside. That article called it the most "brazen" attack since the 80s. Checking some definitions online, I see synonyms such as arrogant, shameless, audacious, insolent. The nerve of those bears!

Like the season's earlier bear attack, this happened outside park boundaries so I won't count any of the present and future dead in the running totals, but a woman drowned last night in a river near Old Faithful so by my count the humans now lead the bears 5-4.


Woodswalker said...

Humans are lucky the entire natural world doesn't rise up in fury to slaughter all us polluting humans. Er . . . maybe it's already doing that!

veganelder said...

I would like to see a count of bears killed by humans versus humans killed by bears for the last 50 years. Woodswalker is right on.

greentangle said...

Just another proud species traitor here.

Welcome veganelder, I took a look around your blog and looks like we have some common ground. Hope you continue to visit.