Thursday, July 1, 2010

While Doing Laundry

We had some hail here this morning, but not the size they had in Bozeman where golf ball and baseball sized hail did a lot of damage. Maybe this is why sports were invented. So we could describe the size of hail. I'll be heading to Bozeman in two weeks to set up a new bank account, eat some good pizza, and maybe buy some office clothes so I don't have to wear the same polyester outfit every day. I'm looking forward to spending a few hours back in civilization, so I hope they have the place fixed up by then.

Not exactly Abbey's Road, but it'll do. Just keep on driving.

All good things, you know the rest, and I do have a roommate now. We have different days off, so we'll at least have some moments of solitude, and he'll be leaving sometime in August so with luck I'll have a single again for the fall.

I saw my second snake, but once again didn't have my camera ready. Actually, I'm not sure if I hit the poor critter with an accidentally kicked rock or if it was just my footstep which startled him, but the first time I noticed him was when he seemed to jump in the air before me as I walked along the side of the road. By the time I got the camera ready, he was nowhere to be found--this was a much smaller one. And I haven't had my camera when I've seen the tiny chipmunks with the long tails, but I spent a few minutes watching one eating the good parts of some sort of grassy plant. I also haven't been able to photograph any mountain bluebirds yet--they always seem to be on the move. It's much easier to photograph the things that don't move.

The clouds were moving in this one but the cliffs didn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

This is part of Orange Spring Mound, the coolest hot spring on the upper terrace. There is water bubbling out of the top and the flow of stone goes right next to the road.

I forget whether this was a rock with lichen or a bloody bear head.

Just wanted to clear out a few old photos since I should have a new batch this weekend after doing a 10 mile hike. Half easy to and from a lake, half tough up and down a mountain, through meadows and areas which burned back in the big fires of 1988. Along with the scenery, I'm advised to look for beaver, otter, bear, and moose. I'll be happy if I see one of them. Actually, I'll probably be happy if I just make the 10 miles.

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