Sunday, August 22, 2010

Church Universal and Triumphant

Or maybe you're more familiar with them as a branch of Summit Lighthouse. In any case I learned a bit of their history while passing by their headquarters in Corwin Springs a few days ago when we were taking a van load of boxes to our storage space five miles down a dirt road with a dead snake sprawled in the middle, past the cemetery I'd photographed a couple weeks ago.

They moved to this ranch in the 1980s and proceeded to build an intricate system of underground shelters stocked with weapons and seven years worth of food because their leader was predicting nuclear holocaust in 1990. When it didn't happen, they claimed their prayers had averted it. Well, jeez, why'd they waste all that money on the bunkers, then? Here are a couple pages about that period by a former member.

Ironically, very nearby is Devil's Slide which looks like the devil lost a lot of skin on his way down.

Between moving day and picnic day and the usual casual Friday, it was jeans week last week. And as of yesterday I have a room to myself again for some unknown period of time. This week is the winter job fair and Christmas in August, and Saturday will be the next to last group hike--after checking the schedule and cost and listening to most of the musicians who'll be playing at the music festival, I've decided to stick with the hike.

And to get the lowest prices, soon I'll have to start reserving hotel rooms and buying bus tickets to wherever the next place is. At this point all I'm certain of is the day I'll be leaving here and that I'll be staying in Bozeman that night. Whether I'll be heading west or east the next day is still to be determined, as is whether I'll return here in December, May, or never. Just keep the target moving and it's harder for the bombs to hit. No escaping the fallout, though.


Allan Stellar said...

I wonder what the Universal and Triumphant Culties say about 2012? Are they restocking their bomb shelters?

Good luck with whatever the next move is. If it is out west, I think a walk or two is in order...


Ruahines said...

Kia ora GT,
Interesting reading about the shelters, and how they are able to finance and keep people on board. Scary stuff out there on all sides.
Like Allan best of wishes for the next move and hope this place follows with you.

greentangle said...

I'm kind of wondering if I could find myself a forgotten one of those shelters to live in. ;-)

Allan, I think if there's any westward direction coming up now, it will only be as far as Missoula for a couple days. But a walk or two at some point would be interesting.

Thanks for the moving best wishes from you both--I hate to even have to think about it yet instead of enjoying the present moment but I need to have at least the first tickets bought by mid-September, and winding down has definitely entered the atmosphere here.