Friday, August 6, 2010

Speaking of Death . . .

. . . as those thousands of words worth of photos were last night, the bears and humans are tied again. According to this report, a black bear was killed this week after repeatedly visiting the Slough Creek campground and eating human food. But though the numbers are the same, the percentages are vastly different as July set an all time record for the number of human visitors in a month.

Despite the numbers, I have little trouble finding moments of peace. At any given moment, most of Yellowstone is delightfully empty. The empty spaces can be more difficult to reach, but the moments are easy to find anywhere as most tourists either sleep in or race to their cars.

Before work, I often take a walk near the hot springs and wind up standing on one of two small bridges listening to the soothing sound of running water.

The first is across the street from one of the most active springs. Water flows beneath the street and then in a creek, steaming in the morning, through a meadow. Far beyond the meadow is Mt. Everts, and although it has been light out for hours, I often watch the sun rise above it around 7 o'clock.

My second bridge is at the beginning of the Beaver Pond Trail. Here I can watch another of the most active springs some distance to my left while looking up the heavily wooded ravine as swallows swoop all around me.

Enough of the death theme; tomorrow we'll liven things up with a trip to Bozeman for the Sweet Pea Festival. Have a great weekend in your favorite place of peace.


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