Sunday, September 5, 2010

Celebrate with Me

I went on a group hike today to Shoshone Lake, the largest backcountry lake in the United States. It was a nice hike through forests and meadows to a windswept lake with waves. My, it felt good to see a body of water again! My biggest regret about my time here isn't that it took me more than three months to visit Old Faithful for the first time today--it's that I haven't been able to spend time at Lake Yellowstone due to the lack of transportation or group hikes there. Anyway, we had a great leader today who told us tales of bear biology, and wolf and raven interaction, and pine marten scat, and yep, a big pile of bear scat in the middle of the trail. I'll tell you more and show you the photos when I have more time and energy. For now I just wanted to show you the weather here.

My, it felt good to see snow again!



Jain said...


greentangle said...

That comment made me laugh, Jain. I know you appreciate my weather.

Woodswalker said...

Amazing! A man who loves snow! But I understand, I do, I do.

greentangle said...

Is that amazing as in a gender thing? Have you not known male snow-lovers?