Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waist Deep at Lost Lake

No, not in the water. And not in the snow which temporarily closed two of the park entrances on August 31st either. No, I was waist deep in thimbleberries! I found the Yellowstone thimbleberry mother lode on a four mile after work hike tonight with a coworker and his roommate which I joined on the spur of the moment. I ate quite a few and the last one was simply thimbleberry perfection.

And the lake wasn't bad either after a heartpounding climb up a forested switchbacking trail. The surface was so flat and dark from the surrounding trees that you had to get close to even be sure there was water there. It was a beautifully silent place also, except for the persistent call of a solitary duck. Lily pads lined one side but they were past their prime.

Here is what's left of a petrified redwood, fenced in because two other trees had been removed bit by bit by visitors.

The people I was with had seen a bear cub zip up a nearby tree and a moose as well on a previous visit. We didn't see any bears or moose tonight, but there was a coyote in the area. Not a great shot at maximum zoom but a happy sight anyway.

A look back at the valley we'd hiked from lake to tree.

And a bit of the view up top.

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veganelder said...

Great pics, thanks greentangle.