Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Week Ahead

There's a good sized lightning strike fire burning in the park and we've been having smoky days here in Mammoth. You can see the smoke on the two Mt Washburn webcams here. Over the weekend, it exploded from 60 to 1600 acres--that was as of Monday morning; I'm not sure of the current status but it was definitely going to get bigger before it's done.

A fire alarm went off in the dorm after 1 AM a couple nights ago;
I'd been asleep for an hour and was awake for hours afterward. So last night I was in bed by 7:30 and slept nine hours; I usually average about six.

A couple free books for review are arriving today (Dennis Lehane's newest and The Great Bay: Chronicles of the Collapse) with the chance to pick a couple more Thursday, tonight there's a wilderness seminar, tomorrow I'll be on a group hike to Sentinel Meadows all day, Thursday is bingo night--I'd prefer poker, but I take what's offered, and Saturday will be a group hike to Rose Creek, one of the pens where wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone. There will be a talk
by a wolf researcher which will likely include this history I found. Warning--there's a gruesome ending there, and a punishment not nearly severe enough.

A little fall coloring has started showing up and with the cooler temperature yesterday I took a good lunchtime walk instead of returning to the room. This weekend I finally bought a couple books of dayhikes--I've already done quite a few of them and many of the others I either don't want to do or couldn't without transportation, but I thought it would be fun to relive the ones I've done and look for future possibilities.

I was told yesterday I might get recruited as part of an inventory team to go to a couple of the locations which are closing next weekend. Sounds like a fun job. Meanwhile, it will be next week at least before I know if I'll be working here this winter. Besides not really knowing the specifics of the job yet, ther
e would be lots of details to work out regarding me getting to and from here in winter because of not driving and not having a place to live when I'm not here. But for an old guy in this economy, any job and roof is a good deal (not to mention the scenery) so I'm hoping it works out.

I haven't forgotten the other blog and have had a few ideas, but between the uncertainty about the future and sometimes struggling with another situation here, I haven't been writing anything either.


Jain said...

Good luck with the winter gig. I've really enjoyed the summer pics and look forward to seeing Yellowstone under snow.

greentangle said...

Thanks, J.

Lucky J is up in the UP this week--check out her photos at http://bankside-jms.blogspot.com