Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last Night in the Park

I took a few of my usual local walks today, looking around with as much wonder and delight as the first time I saw it. Actually, that's not true. I looked with more wonder and delight now that this place has become a part of me. This evening I kept getting restless in the room and going outside to see it all one more time. Yellowstone is a very difficult place to leave. Or as I put it during my work review today, "I'm only leaving because you're making me." If things work out as several people are planning it, I'll be back here to work in March.

I'll spend tomorrow in Bozeman and had checked to see if anything interesting will be going on. I discovered that Dr. Doug Smith, head of Yellowstone's Wolf Project will be speaking at the museum. So I'll have a bit of a transition evening there as well as the chance to try a new and highly recommended Thai restaurant.

Then on to Duluth to see friends and hunt for a place to live for four months. If I have no luck, I'll probably take the bus back to Bozeman and look there.

One last Yellowstone item--I'd like to introduce you to two of the people I met here. I don't like to link to pdf items but this one is worth the exception. Scroll down to page 8 and the very well-written article about a 68 year old woman who took her first hike ever here and went on to walk over 500 miles this summer, five years after breaking her hip. The pictured author is one of the folks who led hikes, trips, and other employee recreation events.

"We'll always have Yellowstone."



Woodswalker said...

I can really sense how deeply Yellowstone has taken root in your heart. I'm glad it was such a good experience for you and that you will soon be back. Good luck in making it through the winter.

Allan Stellar said...

I look forward to the next ebb and flow of your adventures. Thanks for sharing it with us...

Sorry I didn't make it to Yellowstone to get that hike in with you. Next year?


greentangle said...

Ww, it's definitely a special place which I look forward to seeing again. And because I'm slow at getting to know people, it was really only in the last month that I started interacting with a lot of new folks so I'll be glad to see them again too, though some won't be returning.

Allan, I bought a full set of park maps with trails and backcountry campsites just before I left, hope to have my tent and backpack there next year, plan to buy bear spray in the spring, and during most of the year I wouldn't have any trouble getting some days off, so just let me know if you're interested.