Thursday, October 7, 2010

Short Attention Span Wrap-Up

I finally made it to the brink of the falls and Artist's Point for the stunning view of the canyon, but I didn't have my camera. Maybe next year.

I won't be in Yellowstone this winter. I will be back in May barring unforeseen events (which is not necessarily the same as unlikely events).

Four elk jousted with clicking antlers beside the hotel, hoping that next year they'd be big enough to be in charge. Occasionally they'd swap opponents.

The guest cabins at Mammoth extend to the bottom of the hills. A couple days after they were closed for the season and became a low activity area, a beautiful coyote came strolling out a few feet away from me as I walked home from work.

I hear Bozeman has a great new Thai restaurant downtown which I'm looking forward to trying in a week, and the coop plans to open a smaller downtown branch with deli. An appealing town.

There is one less odd but lovable cat in the world tonight. There's nothing more I can say about that. Now the best thing I have to look forward to is Duluth's library (assuming I can find a place to live there) and the more than two dozen newly published books which I've added to my to be read list since I've been here.

I believe the Antelope Creek fire is out. The last update I saw said it had burned 4400 acres, but the heavy sight and smell of smoke in the air here has been missing for the past couple days.

I never did hear a cause of death of the large grizzly whose body was found and after a rapid start to the season, the number of both bear and human fatalities here stopped rising quite a while ago.

Most of my stuff is packed, and I've started accumulating the paperwork I need to leave in good graces next week. It's been a mostly good experience in a fantastic location, and now that I've learned the newbie's lessons I think a second season would be better if it happens.


Northland said...

Sounds fantastic that you are wrapping up your season and hitting the road. We've been having a wonderful Indian summer here in the Keweenaw with a very bright color change that is starting to ebb a bit - same for the west side of the Lake. Hope your travels back and abode hunting go well.

Allan Stellar said...

Fun to read your observations over the last five months! Happy travels!

greentangle said...

Thanks guys. These last couple weeks are kinda dragging between the cat and reduced workload and lack of scheduled activities, and as a result I'm not feeling very enthusiastic about anything but hope that some increased stimulus from restaurants and travel and the Lake will perk me up.

Sonya said...

I'm sorry to hear about your cat. One of my cats died almost exactly a year ago now (Oct. 21) and it was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever dealt with. Take care.

greentangle said...

Thanks Sonya and sorry for your loss too. I don't know that I ever completely recovered after the cat who had been with me almost 19 years died. This time I'd been away from the cat for a year except for a visit so it wasn't as bad but still plenty of tears and guilt.