Monday, November 29, 2010

A Greyer Shade of Pale

Since I’ve been here, the weather has usually looked like this:

Here’s Yellowstone Corner in my apartment:

I need a name for my new pet if you have any suggestions.

I may be 1000 miles away but I don’t think a day has gone by without some sort of Yellowstone related activity, from email and checking weather (three feet of snow in Mammoth where people told me they don’t get much snow) to news and forums to reading about or planning hikes. I have a nice 12 mile loop planned from the dorm, evenly split between trails I’ve done before and trails new to me. I also read a mystery set in the park, looked at lots of photos, and requested the two related dvds the library has.

A couple I knew in the park is now teaching in Honduras. In Yellowstone, they complained they’d brought too much stuff with them; now they’ve reduced their possessions to two suitcases and two carry-ons. I think there’s going to be a lot more of this going on in the near future; at least we’re doing it voluntarily. Although in my case, that’s voluntarily due to circumstances—despite the fact that I’ve always been drawn to a life of extreme simplicity, I would have lazily gone on as usual if it had been possible. But now that I’ve been forced into the situation, I find it more of a relief than a hardship. I finally get to start being who I wanted to be anyway. I’m not quite ready to give up everything I can’t carry at once, but maybe I will be by the time that day gets here.

There have been a few times I’ve planned to go out hiking in the morning despite my aching feet (bad shoes and I suspect also walking on all this cement after five months away from it) but when I wake up and see the latest grey day, it seems unappealing. I was going to photograph a series of Lake sunrises, but there haven’t been any. So other than using the library’s wifi, I spend most of my time in or on my sleeping bag, reading or listening, getting rid of more stuff. Time has become largely irrelevant to me except for library hours. I’m often up in the middle of the night, or asleep in the middle of the day. Because the apartment never really gets dark due to outside lighting and often not very bright because of the weather, I sometimes wake up unsure of what time it is. Groggily reaching my watch, I see it’s 5:00. Now, is that AM or PM?



Allan Stellar said...

Sounds like normal winter type behavior to me. Nothing wrong with hibernating. I feel much the same way.

As for that mystery? Nevada Barre?

greentangle said...

No but I've read her before. This was CJ Box--I think he's a bit right wing and not that great a writer (thought the same thing when I read his first book years ago), but this one was set in Yellowstone so I thought it was worth checking out.