Sunday, November 7, 2010

Here I Come, Lake!

Tomorrow morning I'll be turning my seven boxes over to UPS. That's down from the ten I had in storage--threw out my concert cdrs, sold 75% of my remaining cds for $96.25 (I still have all the music on the computer), unsuccessfully tried to sell four Eastern field guides (I'll miss the species, but not the books), crammed more clothes into my duffel bag. Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be heading for Duluth so I can get there before the boxes. I'm about 1/5 through The Fool's Progress and this is probably the perfect book to read for this trip and this point in my life. That's not necessarily a good thing, but it's quite a parallel mix of laughter, disgust, rage, and melancholia.

I need to go on a shopping spree when I get to Duluth--a phone (because that's the only way I'll know when UPS comes), and restocking a kitchen from scratch. I'm really looking forward to being able to cook again for the first time in over a year, even though I'm hoping to lose up to thirty pounds by spring. There won't be any furniture; I'm basically just setting up camp for a few months in an apartment--maybe I'll even set up the tent!

I don't expect to post very often from Duluth because I'm not planning on having internet access in the apartment. I'll be spending a lot of time on the computer though--one of those seven boxes is filled mostly with my journals and I plan to copy what I want to keep onto the computer so I can eliminate another box. I'll also be rereading the books in other boxes and getting rid of most of them along with reading a couple dozen new books from the library--I've already gotten in the request line for the most popular. (Maybe I'll also rejoin Netflix for a few months also to see what movies I've missed over the past year.) And I expect I'll be selling the few remaining cds and dvds before leaving Duluth--no market for them in Yellowstone. In December, I'll probably find out the date for returning to Yellowstone--I'm hoping for early March. I might be down to three or four boxes by then.

Unfortunately, the angry whitenecks have largely taken over the upper midwest in the recent election but I'll just be passing through for a few months, and it's probably unlikely I'll ever live there again either. I try not to think about the fact that I'll now live mostly in Wyoming. I just live in a big open space with lots of critters. Better to live in a state of mind than a state anyway.


Northland said...

"Unfortunately, the angry whitenecks have largely taken over" MOST OF AMERICA, not just the upper midwest. You need to get some perspective: Wyoming and Montana along with Utah and idaho contain some of the worst and most militant teabaggers. Living in the UP the ignorance of the far right is the norm, as it seems to be in most American rural areas. One must develop the art of "keeping a low profile" during times like these. Only in California did it appear that a majority didn't succumb to the mania of the far right.
Glad you're getting to where you want to be for the winter and spring. Hope theFRC wingnut blog that I sent you was less upsetting to you than it was to me. I apologize for sending it; one of those impulses (based on your interest in grizzlies) that may have been ill-founded.

greentangle said...

I know Wyoming's bad--that's what I meant when I wrote that I didn't like to think about living there.

Massachusetts also resisted and stayed all Democrat--maybe because they'd already been surprised by a Republican winning Kennedy's Senate seat in a special election.

No problem with the article--the replies to the guy who wanted to kill all the grizzlies were hilarious. I saw a blog which had posted the photo of the grizzly chasing the bison which led to comments about the rangers then killing the bison. One woman suggested they should have killed the bear to protect the bison. There are a lot of amazing people out there, and I don't mean that in a good way.