Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best of Greentangle 2010

Time once again for the annual list of my favorite posts. OK, so the previous three annual lists were all done in April of this year, but now it's an annual event. This was a year of big changes: I lived in five states and spent way too much time on buses and packing and unpacking, started the year in hell, spent the middle in paradise, and the end in a lovely waiting room of sorts. For the blog the big change was the addition of photos, and many of the posts on the following list are little more than photos of favorite places. A sense of place was perhaps the theme of the year--revisiting and leaving important old ones and finding an important new one. More changes will be coming to my corner of the blogosphere next week. Have a happy beginning to the new year, and thanks for reading.

Out of Place

Watching my grandfather die, and several of those places in one post.
Burn, Baby, Burn!

The green fire, that is. Here's a new link for info about the movie.
Monastery Life

A place of refuge and retreat.
12 X 12 > 350
The meeting of two books.
Monastery Photos

Scenes from a place of refuge and retreat.
I'm a Whale Watcher, Watching Whales Go By
One of my favorite Boston activities, repeated many times.
It's a Doover. I Mean, Do-Over.
The past becomes the future.
Photos from Minnesota/Park Point, my favorite Duluth hike.
Lovely Day
Photos from Jay Cooke State Park.
Searching for Hope
A black bear goes missing, a columnist is lost.
Scenes from the Terraces
Mammoth Hot Springs, constantly changing, and a place where I'll be spending a lot more time.
Your Mission: Find a Face or Name a Flower

Great Horned Owlets.
What's the difference between a magpie and a wolf?
Dining out in the wild.
Quoth the Ravens
Keeping track of deaths at a breakfast meeting.
Beaver Ponds Trail
Not really any great photos, but it's my closest new home hike, done with a new friend.
Road Trip!
To the Grand Tetons!
Norris Geyser Basin
Photos from one of my favorite Yellowstone places.
Shoshone Lake
Photos of the first waves I'd seen in months.
Old Faithful: The Two Hour Hike
And not a photo of Old Faithful to be found.
Elk, Wolf, Bison, Bear
One post, four species.
Seeing Eye to Eye

Clashing elk and other photos.
The Hounds of Hell
One of those bus trips I mentioned.
Lake with Ice
Superior Lake.
Harbor with Ice

Duluth Harbor.

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