Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting Over

Time for a new name. I like the symmetry—3 syllables, 11 letters, 2 colors. Chop wood, carry water. And then vote in the poll.

I’ve created more of a Yellowstone focus here because that’s where I’ll be living most of the year, but the blog’s not now exclusively about Yellowstone. For example, there will be a zoo post based on a book and a visit as soon as there’s a day of good weather when I feel like visiting. I am going to try to limit this blog to nature and animal related posts while posting other topics on Hard Wood to Whittle. There is a new post there about my health (physical and financial) and one coming in the next few days about the music of Van Morrison. I’m hoping to write there more frequently, casually, and on a wide variety of topics.

Living in a place physically unlike any place I’ve lived before was an awakening experience. That it happened to be the first national park made it a rare one as well. So as I began to get used to living there, I became interested in learning as much as I could about the place, and interest soon turned to fascination. Over time, I’m going to write a series of posts on Yellowstone topics such as ecology, geology, history, wildlife, fire, forests, and hiking. There’s no original research going on here of course, so you can find the information elsewhere yourself if you like, but I hope to add some onsite perspective in my own style while having some fun. If you have any topics, issues, or questions which you’re particularly interested in, please let me know.

Let’s run through the new Yellowstone links list.

Greater Yellowstone Coalition The park is still just a big island. These folks work on protecting the entire ecosystem.

Yellowstone Association Educating, bookselling, volunteering in the park.

Yellowstone Co-op Employee Recreation Program Wondering what folks in the park are doing for entertainment this week? You can find out here (when programming resumes in mid-May).

Yellowstone Discussion Forums I strongly disagree with some of the most prolific posters, but this is a good site for the latest info and photos from the park.

Yellowstone Field Sightings Reports from classes and tours offered by the Yellowstone Association. And check out the catalog of those classes and tours if you're looking for fun education.

Yellowstone in the News Links to Yellowstone issues in the news.

Yellowstone Map Before I bought the National Geographic Trails Illustrated set of maps for the park, this was the best map I found online for figuring out where places were and getting a rough overview of almost 3500 square miles.

Yellowstone News Releases From the National Park Service.

Yellowstone Park Foundation Official fundraising partner of the park.

Yellowstone River & Electric Peak Webcam A nice view from outside looking in.

Yellowstone Science Eighteen years of articles from this quarterly are available online.

Yellowstone to Yukon Another Big Picture group, with enewsletters.

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Every 650,000 years or so, the place blows up. You can also check the latest earthquake info--about 2,000 every year occur in the park.

Yellowstone Webcams NPS views of the park include Mammoth Hot Springs (I can wave if you like), two views from atop 10,000+ foot Mt. Washburn, and geysers including the prediction for the time of the next Old Faithful eruption if you want to watch online.

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