Monday, March 7, 2011


I didn't think my foot was up to walking all the way to the end of Park Point and back yesterday, but I did at least make it across the bridge. Let's walk.

If I'd gotten started a half hour earlier, I would have some great sunrise photos.

A little break inland.

OK, back to ice on the Lake.

And ice on the rocks.

I loved the following scene the moment I saw it. Just as I took the first shot, the guy on the right walked in.

And I had to wait five minutes for him to leave his dogshit in my drinking water.

A swim in the canal.

Across the bridge and out to the beach for this lovely view of Lake Superior.

Well, it would have been Lake Superior if not for that big pile of ice. Here's a sandy, icy rock instead. Or maybe it's just sand and ice and no rock.

And a sandy, icy beach.

OK, here's Lake Superior after I climbed over that first ridge.

Do I see icebergs?


Terry said...

Nice shots - good light or composition or something, but very appealing images anyway, in a bleak kind of way :-)

Jain said...

I was thinking "desolate" but bleak works, too.

Lovely pictures, thanks for taking us along.

greentangle said...

Thanks, bleak and desolate is my niche. :-)

I'm looking forward to taking new photos of the bleak and desolate Mammoth terraces.