Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Last Yellowstone Post?

Here's a different view of the creek I often photograph up close.

Out walking today, I saw lots of chipmunks.

Am I the boy who cried wolf or just the boy who cried pronghorn? Got a rare closeup view today.

Making a break for it.

I'm at a crossroads. Because of a situation with my new roommate and how personnel is choosing to (not) handle it, combined with my mixed feelings about being here anyway, I may be heading back to Duluth in a couple days. I really don't know where the next post will be coming from.


Allan Stellar said...

Where is Greentangle? We wait with great anticpation... :)

greentangle said...

Well, my Duluth landlord didn't have any apartments available for May, and my ex-roommate moved out an hour ago so gt is still in YNP. Lots of photos coming later.