Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today's Photos

At lunch today, I heard that the first red dog of the season had been spotted. I had my camera and binoculars with me anyway since I had planned an after lunch hike so I headed out with extra enthusiasm. I scanned bison on hillsides above me, valleys below me, on roads, and in parking lots, but I didn't see the one I was looking for. A woman in the general store had been going to work at the right time this morning though and took a great photo of the little one in midair leaping across the creek I often photograph which is about two feet wide and all of two inches deep.

The little doggie got along without me, but I was happy to take more photos around the lower terraces. You're probably sick of these scenes by now, but I still love shooting and posting them.

I was starting down from the top of this road and the bison was starting up from the bottom. Even though he's keeping to the right, it looked like one way traffic to me so I circled and went down the trail instead.

I looked up idiot in my dictionary and it had the following photo. One of the cowboys proceeded to get closer to have his photo taken. Whenever I see this kind of behavior, I'm rooting for a goring and make no apology about it.

Let's end with a more intelligent creature.


Jain said...

Nope, not sick of the scenes. They're otherworldly and fantastic.

greentangle said...

Thanks, Jain. I hope you get to see them in person.