Saturday, May 21, 2011

Abstracts, Still Lifes, and Bears

The first stop on today's too rushed trip was Norris Geyser Basin, a spot I'd enjoyed a couple times last year.

At Old Faithful I was disappointed despite the longest OF eruption I've seen--geysers don't do that much for me. I was searching for some steer's head flowers I'd been told were blooming near the Inn. I walked all around the building and didn't spot them so I went in and asked a ranger who knew the flower I meant and told me where he'd seen them before although he hadn't spotted them this year. So I went back and searched that area again with no better luck.

On the return trip, we made unplanned stops at Biscuit and Midway Basins, two places I hadn't made it to last year. I hope I'll get back again this year because it would be easy to spend hours taking photos at these locations.

After getting back, I took a walk by the terraces.

Close to the end of our return trip, a few miles from Mammoth near Bunsen Peak, we saw some grizzlies by the side of the road. The driver didn't stop so I only had time for a couple quick photos through the window. I'll show you both even though the better view is blurry.

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