Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bear Weekend Continues

Rangers chased this black bear away from a lawn next to our dorm.

Over the hill and off to the wild, to the trail it was too snowy and muddy for me to hike today. Maybe I'll see this bear next time I get up there.

The new snow looked pretty on Mt Everts.

The flashing sign warning that the road ahead remained closed for the second day. I'm hoping most of that snow on Bunsen Peak melts in time for our moonlight hike in a couple weeks.

Took an evening walk and found two of the thousands of species of birds I can't identify.

And happened upon my roommate and a bunch of other folks watching the bear who had killed the elk calf last night and another one this morning. The bear was behind a tree on a dark wooded hillside and even more unphotographable for me than last night. I have a blurry silhouette of bear ears.

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