Friday, May 20, 2011

Hellroaring Creek Trail

Thursday evening a dozen of us headed out for a short hike. Come along if you like.

We weren't actually going as far as Hellroaring Creek, only down to the Yellowstone River and back up the hill.

As the sign said, we were entering bear country.

But all of the Yellowstone area is bear country, and we didn't see that bear while hiking but through van windows on our way to the hike. But there is an interesting bear story closer to home--a cinnamon black bear with two cubs has been seen on the hills above Mammoth in recent weeks. Today I heard from the eyewitnesses that one of the cubs had died somehow and that mom and the other cub were seen and heard and photographed eating the body. Those photos will be early favorites for winning the photography contest this summer.

Here's a view of the Yellowstone River during our descent.

Along the trail were many pasqueflowers.

The trail has a bridge over the Yellowstone which was as far as we were going. Here's a view from that bridge.

And a small falls below the bridge.

And a view of the bridge itself. Pretty impressive structure to see on a trail. I don't think anyone's going to be building another trail bridge like this any time soon.

There were other flowers along the way such as this balsamroot.

But as many photos as I take of shooting stars, I can't seem to get one in focus which is a shame because they're beautiful flowers. Google them and insert an image here.

One last look back as we get near the top of the steep hill and head into the woods for the rest of the climb.

Tomorrow I'm off to Norris Geyser Basin and Old Faithful. But it may be raining. Or snowing.


Northland said...

Rain, snow or shine, a hike is better than working inside...

greentangle said...

True, and it barely rained at all.