Saturday, May 7, 2011

Still Cranky After All These Years

It's my first day off after working six straight days, and I was fantasizing about working instead. It's been a cloudy rainy day with the rumble of thunder overhead now taking the place of the rumble of bison below my window a couple evenings ago. I tried a couple hikes anyway; one was cut short by rain, and on the other as I crested a hill on an old dirt road I saw bison heading down the road toward me and decided to end that hike also.

Before I did, I took a few photos of one of my favorite local critters, the Uinta Ground Squirrel, in natural habitat instead of a hole by the dorm.

I just learned this week that the dorm we live in is going to be under reconstruction for the next four months while we're living in it. Did anyone have the courtesy to actually tell us this ahead of time in case we might not want to live there? Hell, no. I wonder if I could barter my way into working without pay in exchange for living in one of the cabins without rent. Probably not, since my weekly pay wouldn't come close to what the tourists pay for a week in one.

I think a bison knocking over a porta potty would make a great video, don't you?

There seem to be elk carcasses in all directions. Elk teeth to follow. Here's a sad but well-written mother's day bison post by a Yellowstone Ranger.

Last weekend we took a trip down to Old Faithful where I spent my time taking photos of buildings with snow (which some parts of the park are getting more of right now).

And yes, along the way we saw more bison.

On a short breakfast walk this morning, sans binoculars or camera, I saw a canine which was probably a coyote but whose casual lope through the too far away sagebrush sure looked like a wolf's.

Praise Pan, the recreation program starts up again late next week and quite a few evening and weekend events are now written on my calendar.

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