Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blacktail Deer Creek

The road closed by a rockslide Saturday was still closed Wednesday morning so we couldn't reach the site of the hike we'd signed up for, but we could reach a fine substitute on a lovely sunny day. The first couple miles were relatively flat, as in the next photo, but the second couple miles made up for it, and though the round trip of nine miles didn't bother me as we were doing them, I felt some soreness later that night.

The early section was overrun with ground squirrels and badger burrows, and we also saw a pronghorn.

A waterfall and erosion along the downhill course of Blacktail Deer Creek.

At the bottom of the hill, we found another one of those suspension bridges across the Yellowstone River.

After crossing the bridge, we found grizzly bear tracks on the trail.

Grizzly (and humans), coming and going.

After checking out the tracks, we continued a short distance to the beautiful Crevice Lake and had lunch before beginning our return climb.

A lucky duck on Crevice Lake.

More tracks--not a grizzly, but still cool.

More views along the trail. As usual, I didn't take photos of the steepest sections because I was busy watching the trail.

This pond is near the beginning/end of the hike, and we found an antlered elk browsing just beside the parking area as we returned.

A couple flowers to end including, finally, shooting stars relatively in focus.


Terry said...

Beautiful day. Are the downed logs left over from the big fire?

greentangle said...

Definitely a fire because some were charred; not certain if these are from the 1988 fires or another, but most of the ones from 1988 are still around--wood decomposition is very slow here.

Allan Stellar said...

Love the tracks of the Griz! Drink it in...