Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shades of Grey

I've had a cold which has kept me from doing a couple planned activities, but I pushed myself up the hill this morning for a five mile hike which made my foot sore but the rest of me felt glad to get some exercise for the first time in a week.

Just a few photos for your amusement.

The swallows of Yellowstone.

I hear there are more critters over the bridge.


How cute am I? Wouldn't you like to feed me? If not, I'll tear you apart with my claws.

Run for your life!


Ruahines said...

KIa ora GT,
What a great place to get some exercise, even with a cold. Much easier to find the motivation in such an environment as that compared to a concrete jungle. Kia kaha.

Emily Brisse said...

Great wildlife shots! Love the descriptions.