Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Picnic, Thoughts of Winter

It was a lovely afternoon for an office picnic, being in the 70s instead of the 80s of most recent days. I spent most of my time playing with dogs of coworkers (unfortunately no one brought a cat), especially a border collie who, like all of them, refused to take no for an answer. I'd throw a stick, he'd return and drop it a foot from my feet, I'd ignore it, he'd pick it up and drop it two inches closer, etc.

I walked to the picnic and it was my first time on a trail in ten days since my foot went bad. Not much longer than a mile round trip, but a fairly steep trail and I didn't feel any major pain. A much needed good sign. But I'm still glad I won't be doing the long hikes I was signed up for tomorrow even though I very much want to do those trails.

Here are a few photos from that last hike I never posted.

I call this next composition "Four Whistlepigs Sitting on a Rock Looking in the Same Direction". Actually, I usually avoid the whistlepig nickname, but Uinta Ground Squirrels would make the title too long.

This next one isn't a very sharp photo, but click it a couple times and check out that bluebird's perch.

Bitterroot, the Montana state flower.

You can't see me, can you?

It looks like I'll be spending the winter here in Yellowstone. I'm scheduled to start work December 1st, only six weeks after I leave here in October. Not sure if it's even worth taking my stuff out of storage for that short a time, whether my old landlord will have an apartment for me or if I'll be doing motel living, or if I want to stay here next summer (the winter contract will run to early June), but for now I'm looking forward to some quiet winter walks.


Woodswalker said...

I've just caught up on several of your past posts. Wow! What a gorgeous wilderness you're living in. Thanks for all the great photos. Take care of that foot.

Jain said...

Congrats on the Winter gig! I'll look forward to snowy photos.

greentangle said...

Thanks to you both. I still enjoy your blogs when my slow connection allows photos to appear. ;-)