Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's a Wild Life

I took a short local walk last weekend and some casual photos of a butterfly on a thistle flower.

It wasn't until I got home and looked at the photos on the computer that I noticed the critter on the other side of the flower.

I took the following photo during a work field trip. Do you know what it is?

While waiting for everyone to arrive for lunch, I took a short solo hike up a trail I'd never walked before. I found a scene which reminded me of trails beside rocky creeks in Duluth.

With Thimbleberries. Not ripe yet, but I'll be back in ten days and may have to fight a couple of the Black Bears we saw in the area for a taste.

And cliffs and waterfalls.

A closer look at the Lost Creek Falls. I like the boulder at the precipice.

Out in the Lamar Valley after lunch, we visited a scene we'd been hearing about for a couple days. The carcass of an Elk killed by Wolves had been usurped by a Grizzly. The Griz had been laying and sitting on the body but the remains were visible to the left when he strolled over to the river.

Did you correctly identify that earlier photo as Bison legs in the midst of a dusting? There would have been some magnificent photos there if we'd been in a slightly different spot as we slowly passed the dark Bison standing in a light cloud of dust.

Last night I headed back out to Lamar on a rec group trip.

Most of the baby Bison are no longer red.

Landscape with Bison:

For reasons obvious in the quality of the next photo, I turned off the digital zoom on my camera so long ago that I had forgotten it existed until a coworker mentioned using it on our trip. When we got back to the carcass scene, I turned it back on long enough to take some closer photos of a bear shape between a couple wolf shapes.

The long and winding road--on September 1st, I'll be riding that road to places I've never been before.



Terry said...

Wow, what a place.

Woodswalker said...

Wild, indeed! And wonder-filled. Thanks for bringing us along.