Monday, August 15, 2011

Love is in the Air


I spent Sunday riding around the lower loop of the park's figure eight road. We saw and heard some of the bison rut, and from one spot observed a white pelican and two bald eagles, and later saw a Swainson's hawk.

Pick your habitat, any habitat.

Another day, another wolf.

That is apparently the alpha female of the Canyon pack. We watched her tearing at a carcass by the treeline for a while before she trotted away along a creek into the woods. When we passed on our return trip, we walked halfway over to try to see what she was eating but ravens were feeding then so we didn't get close enough to discover what it was.

I'm not sure if the next one shows mating, molting, or fighting.

I heard something interesting about the fatal bear attack this year which you're not likely to ever read in the news. It's unsubstantiated from an unnamed source, but one who has more connections and potential knowledge of the situation than the average park employee. Word has it that park biologists are convinced by what they saw that the bear involved was not a grizzly but a black bear. The trails there are going to remain closed all summer although they think the bears have left the area.

The happy couple.

Can't a gal get some privacy?

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