Friday, September 9, 2011

Bunsen Peak

There is a new bear sign at Yellowstone trailheads.

Last night I was on top of Bunsen Peak. It's a two mile trail gaining 1300 feet up to 8564 feet.

On the trail up, you get a nice view of the area known as Golden Gate. The road follows an old stagecoach route into the park. As you come along the road toward the camera, you have a great view of Rustic Falls.

Still barely starting to climb, there's a nice view of Swan Lake (with sunbeams in this case).

A couple times during the climb, we saw well-camouflaged grouse.

Higher up, I saw my first pika. Then I saw my second and third pika. They were all cute with plants sticking out of both sides of their mouths as they prepared their winter haystacks. And they were all much too fast for me to get even a bad photo.

One of the coolest sights along the trail is this rock formation.

Some views from the top. It's a wilderness out there.

The car's down in the parking lot. Whaddya mean, you don't see a parking lot?


Jain said...

All of your landscape shots are mind-boggling for a Midwesterner. I don't know if I could take so much beauty day after day after day.

greentangle said...

I have confidence in you. You've lived in the UP, after all.

Terry said...

Wondered if the grouse might be a Rock Ptarmigan, but seems they're more Arctic. Great camouflage though. Cools pics., again.

greentangle said...

All I have to do is point the camera. The land provides all the cool.