Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mt. Washburn

Yesterday, I found myself a nice rock to sit on and watched bluebirds.

This morning, I got an invitation to climb Mt. Washburn. When we got there, the sky was filled with low clouds, the wind was ferocious, and there was snow in the air. A perfect day for hiking!

There are two wide routes to the top; we took the Chittenden Road (not open to vehicle traffic).

Nowhere else along the route does it look anything like that photo. It's usually a wide open view. Our goal was the lookout tower in the next photo.

We made it!

From the top, that's a look at the road not taken, with the Hayden Valley in the background.

Through a window of the lookout tower (it felt so good to be out of the wind), I found a pika who sat still for seconds at a time.

It wasn't a great day for long distance shots, but this is part of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River with Yellowstone Lake behind it.

Since it is a fire tower, you get information about the 1988 fires.

The tower also has a logbook where people from all over the world sign in since this is a very popular hike--a chance to get over 10,000 feet via only three miles of gradual climbing.


Jain said...

Gorgeous pics.

Adorable pika.

And September snow!?! Priceless.

greentangle said...


I had visions of a blizzard since I wasn't very well dressed for the weather, but strangely enough the snow was only down at the beginning of the climb. We did pass a remaining patch from last winter though.

Just noticed Blogger is doing something different with the photos now.