Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Last, The First, My Everything

Yes, I'm channeling Barry White these days, if a little out of order.

So here are a few photos from along the way. First up, the last of fall hiking in Yellowstone.

Going off-trail, I found a long snakeskin, with boot for reference.

And up by the old Gardiner road, a couple pronghorn were browsing.

The first photos from elsewhere. Clouds over Bozeman.

Where the season depends on the elevation.

The Lake has waves.

And gulls.

I find that I actually enjoy talking to strangers when I leave Yellowstone. Don't worry, it's wearing off. Whether they're bank tellers, cab drivers, hair cutters, or librarians, they all seem to think it's pretty cool that I live and work in the park. What's amusing is that most of them think it's even cooler that I'm going to New Orleans. Three weeks from today, my train will be pulling in and I'll see if the Big Easy can live up to the big memories, big expectations, and shared enthusiasm which have led to the trip.


Jain said...

Hello, Lake.

Hope your trip is all you wish it to be!

greentangle said...

Thanks, J!