Sunday, October 2, 2011

Transition Month

No photos. No trip. No hike. I'm easing into moving mode. My (former) roommate left Friday along with many other seasonals and I've been enjoying a weekend of leisure, spreading out my stuff and packing boxes that I'll store here for the six weeks I'll be gone.

Most of the seasonals I work with will be leaving at the end of this week and there will be some sort of farewell party mid-week. The hotel here closes early next week, and I have about 2 1/2 weeks left before leaving with the majority of those who will still be left. Anyone sticking around after that has to move to Gardiner housing and find their own food until December when the dorm and cafeteria reopen.

Last night the power went out in the dorm and hotel at 11:00. There was still electricity on the other side of the street, but the darkness here made things seem a little wilder. It has been hard to sleep lately with the constant bugling of elk and last night coyotes joined the midnight chorus.

Today there is an elk herd resting across the street beside the post office. Earlier I watched a ranger waving a cloth at a couple cow elk to try to back them away from the sidewalk. One of them stamped her feet and fake charged. Soon, the bull wandered over as if to say, "You messing with my woman?"

Thanks to loaned cds from my New Orleans-bred coworker, I've been listening to some new musicians and hoping I'll get to see some of them play during my trip. My favorite discovery has been Jon Cleary, but Ingrid Lucia and Johnny Sansone have also had their moments. I'm still waiting to learn most club schedules, but I have one show planned for the last (presumably--I considered moving there the last time I visited) of my six nights in New Orleans [Edited to add a new discovery--the day of that last night show will be spent at the Po-Boy Preservation Festival in the same neighborhood] and a Saturday which will be spent exploring City Park and the adjacent St. John's Bayou with a neighborhood restaurant already picked for lunch. I learned that by coincidence I'll be there for the Fringe Theater Festival so I may try to catch some of that. Unfortunately, I'll just miss the annual literary festival Words & Music. I may have to try that next year.

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