Monday, October 3, 2011

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

The Park Service has killed a bear for being one of the many bears at the scene of this summer's second human death. The reason essentially is that she was the bear who caused the death of the first human this summer. (Although I don't think I ever posted after the long investigative report was issued about that first death--you could say that mosquitoes caused the first death. The couple had been hiking away from the bears but decided there were too many mosquitoes--perhaps they didn't have bug or bear spray with them--so they turned around and hiked back into the fatal encounter.)

Despite what I've already read in some inaccurate news articles, there is no evidence that the bear killed the second hiker or even that she ate any of him. She was simply one of the bears identified as being there. At least nine grizzlies were in the immediate area feeding on two bison carcasses, one of which was only 150 yards from the trail. Seventeen bear daybeds were found in the area.

The killed bear was estimated to be six or seven years old. Her two cubs will now spend their lives in captivity.


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