Wednesday, November 30, 2011

61 Miles To Go

I've made it to Livingston. One more cab ride in the morning back to the bus station where I'll be met by someone from the park and driven through Paradise (Valley) to Human Resources. And soon I'll be writing HR about the inefficiency of using the bus station here as the pickup point (more mileage and driving for them and more cabs for everyone they pick up since the station is at the end of town farthest away from the park and motels).

There isn't a phone at the bus station (actually, there isn't even a bus station--just a warming hut) so I had to use the phone at the coffee shop next door to call the cab company where I got a recording and had to call again later. Tonight I had to call back to arrange tomorrow morning's ride and I have to call back again in the morning to make sure she's up.

After the paperwork and the new photo with bushy Abbey beard for the winter, one last ride up to Mammoth to see the new dorm room furniture and probably some kind of required training in the afternoon. It will feel good to unpack my bags and stored boxes and settle down for 10 1/2 months.

In Bozeman I started investigating possibilities for my next vacation period, checking weekly rates at my usual place, and taking a look at a room at a nearby motel (much cheaper and much dumpier--I think I'll pay more.) I think I'm likely to finally spend some time in Missoula next fall also.

The weather and scenery during the 25 mile bus ride here from Bozeman today was outstanding. Patches of blue sky, patches of dark clouds, patches of snow. I heard someone behind me saying how beautiful it was. Maybe his first visit, maybe his 100th--it remains just as stunning.

I discovered a website which shows all the Yellowstone webcams on one page and substituted that link at the bottom of the Yellowstone Sites list on the right. Check them out. Well, wait for daylight here in Mountain Time (a coworker thinks it's fun that I get to leave messages mentioning my working hours in Mountain Time). Maybe I'll wave to you on the Mammoth webcam sometime this winter. At the bottom of that page are links to many other National Park and wildlife cams.

Tomorrow's high temperature will be in the 20s early in the day, dropping into single digits by afternoon. Welcome to Yellowstone.

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