Friday, November 11, 2011

Does My Left Hand Know What My Right Hand Is Doing?

In the creepy old movie Night of the Hunter Robert Mitchum has the words "love" and "hate" tattooed on the fingers of his hands. One of the singers I plan to see in New Orleans, heavily-tattooed Meschiya Lake, has "true blue" on hers. Not being into tattoos, I've settled for rings since returning to Yellowstone last spring. On the ring on my left hand, a herd of five bison move away from the pack of six wolves running after them from the ring on my right hand. I thought this might help remind me why I'm really there when I get bored sitting in an office.

I leave Duluth Sunday night, leave Chicago Monday night, and arrive in New Orleans Tuesday afternoon.
I'm working on writing up a possible schedule of clubs for the New Orleans nights--I wish I could be in at least a couple places every night. I'm packing a bag with each hand, a smaller one to take with me to Louisiana, and a larger one to go into my storage unit until I return to pick it up for the trip to Montana. I'm checking weather forecasts which call for 70s and rain to the south and 30s and snow to the west.

Still haven't made arrangements for getting from Bozeman to the park which is going to be a pain. Along with New Orleans, I'm looking forward to seeing Bozeman and some people in the park, but not particularly the job or the dorm in the park. Still, I guess it's where I'll be considering home for the foreseeable future. Stay tuned for New Orleans.

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