Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trippin' in Minnesota

I hiked a loop of trails a few days ago, starting with Chester Creek.

Then on through the University's Bagley area. From the top I saw some remaining color and the Lake.

In Yellowstone, there aren't any stairs in the woods.

When I saw this creature in someone's front yard, I thought, that's not an elk! And the ears are too small to be a mule deer--what the hell is this?

And on along Tischer Creek.

Where shadow trees grow out of the water.

We do have some bridges in the woods in Yellowstone.

One night I went to see Cats!


and Kelsie:

They were Walden's, well, I can't say buddies, but housemates, for the last year of his life so they deserve a spot here.

The next batch of photos were taken with the new pocket-size camera I bought to take to New Orleans.

A nice sunrise while I waited for the bus to go to St. Paul.

St. Paul, home of the cathedral.

Where schoolchildren learn how government works. ;-)

New home to the largest Scientology building in the Midwest. It's across the street from the longtime home of A Prairie Home Companion.

One bagel after I took that photo, one of the members harassed me as I waited at a crosswalk.

Also home to Mickey's.

And passed through by the mighty Mississippi. New Orleans is the other way.

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