Friday, December 23, 2011

And to all a good night

Tonight I attended the second of three nights of ranger presentations in the hotel. Last night was a bit of park history and tonight's was a look at winter and how various animals survive. Tomorrow night's talk will be about the days when the army was running the park and what winter was like for them. I'm not sure if these will be the only three topics for the winter or if there are more coming.

The area where I live, where the hotel and all the tourist buildings are, is sometimes known as Upper Mammoth. There's also a little suburb of employee housing known as Lower Mammoth which logically enough is down the hill. At tonight's talk, I learned that wolves killed an elk last night in Lower Mammoth leaving blood on someone's car.

I had the day off today but other than an early trip to the gym I was feeling quite lazy and didn't get out much. Some days it's nice to lie around reading, and I worked on the annual list of greentangle's favorite posts for an upcoming day. I did practice putting my snowshoes on and taking them off and found the best way to attach them to my new pack. I'm hoping to actually use them outside on Monday.

I've started investigating making a four day getaway to the Old Faithful area in late January or early February and have a possible ok from my boss. This would involve a four hour snow coach ride each way, seeing the interior winter park, staying in a cabin, lots of snowshoeing and winter hiking, looking at steamy geysers, restaurant meals, and a nighttime tour complete with hot chocolate. I'd leave the internet and the outside world here but imagine I'd have a couple cameras full of photos when I got back.

Lots of employees are paying for a special Christmas dinner at the hotel restaurant but I'm going to pass on that one. I am looking forward to going to an international dinner in February complete with Indian food, and possibly a four course brew master's January dinner featuring Red Lodge beers. That's a pricy one though so I'll probably skip it unless I have a good date to go with. I should know the answer to that long simmering question in a week or at most two. Resolution either way will be good for the new year. Although I certainly have my preference for how the events and unspoken feelings and confusions of the past four months turn out, it's all good in Yellowstone.


Northland said...

Nice to have the Ranger programs for winter up and running. Have you had any input on the Greater Yellowstone Wolverine Program? When I am out that way I hope to visit them in Ennis (if they are still happening as funding sounds kind of iffy).
Do you have time for taking part in the Amazon Vine program? It was nice to read your pre-pub book reviews. Good selection on your extended day pack!

greentangle said...

There's an article in the new Yellowstone Science about wolverines. Not sure if that is the same group.

Yesterday I expressed my opinion of snowmobiles in the park to a guy chipping ice off a boardwalk--that's about the extent of my input to anything. ;-)

I'm still doing the Vine program--they just haven't been offering much of anything in the way of animal/nature books this year so I've been getting mostly fiction. I think the last good review I did was for The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary back in April.