Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of Greentangle 2011

It's a short list of mostly photos. Early in the year I planned to write many posts about various Yellowstone issues but almost immediately lost interest in rewriting what other people have already written.

I'm not doing much writing these days, or spending much time following news of nature and animal stories. There haven't been many blog relevant books offered for review by Amazon this year either--from what I can see from searching their website, there aren't many being published either.

So I'm mostly living a life of either contentment or apathy depending on how you look at it, doing my jobs and enjoying the scenery.

The following list mostly represents my strongest memories as I looked back through the year.

Zoo Stories Combining a review of a zoo book and photos from Duluth's zoo

Lakewalk Icy photos from Duluth

Walking in a Spring Wonderland
Snowy scenes in Yellowstone

7 Seconds in Yellowstone
Bear attack humor which a couple summer visitors should have heeded

Abstracts, Still Lifes, and Bears
Norris, Old Faithful, and Mammoth

Bears, Wolves, Ravens At the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

Mysterious Shapes
Of owl and bear

Firsts: Hits and Misses Starring my first moose

A Day at the Lake A great trail and a near goring

It's a Wild Life A grizzly bear and two wolves in the same scene, just like in those nature programs (and some other much better photos)

Love is in the Air A much better than usual wolf sighting

Bunsen Peak Climbing and looking around

Mt. Washburn Climbing higher and looking around

The Other Park Grand Teton, that is

Season's End Saying goodbye and looking back

Winter Hoodoos and Flats Winter is my friend


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