Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Last night and this morning, we had our first significant snow since I've been back. Just a few inches, but I was glad to see it. We've been canceling and modifying some of the tourist activities because there isn't enough snow in the park. That was probably inevitable once I bought snowshoes, but I'm still looking forward to the one free ski rental and lesson we get as employees--that should be enough to tell me if I want to rent them again.

The day before the snow we had our first groups of bison and elk in town; before that, most of my wildlife sightings in the immediate vicinity had been rabbits.


Northland said...

Glad that the snow has begun for Yellowstone!
We are way down on snow here in the Keweenaw, but there is plenty for XC skiing (which I just came in from). Usually we are on snowshoes by now. At the Audubon Christmas Bird Count last weekend, in the area that we had, the snow was about knee deep by the river, but due to the freeze-thaw cycles that we've had the walking was wretched with thick crust and corn snow underneath. In most of the rest of the UP and MN north shore there is scant to no snow. For snow lovers as well as the land, this is uncommonly bad.
Hope you have a good holiday with fun outings. By the way, don't give up on skiing after one try, especially learning at middle age.

Woodswalker said...

How beautiful! We still have no snow in Saratoga, but it can wait until after Christmas now, since we're going to visit family downstate. Have a wonderful holiday. How lucky you are to live among such a Christmas-card-beautiful landscape.

greentangle said...

Happy holidays to all. I'll be one of four people manning and womanning the phones on Christmas day--last year they had 50 some calls all day so we're planning on watching dvds along with our usual reading between calls.

There is a decent amount of snow in the woods, just not enough on the roadways to run the snow machines. Which doesn't bother me personally at all.

It seems like almost all of my favorite full timers here are XC skiers so I think I'm going to have to keep at it for future years' fun.

I had a long talk on the phone with a guy from Texas a couple days ago who said how lucky I am to live here--I told him I remind myself of that every day.

Terry said...

Try and learn XC on decent snow, my first couple of times were on hard icy snow (more ice than snow, really) which makes it difficult - when I finally went out decent snow there was a "ahhh, so this is why people do this" kind of revelation.

greentangle said...

Looks like after today we go into a period with possible snow every day so I hope the pattern is changing and winter wonderland is coming.