Sunday, December 4, 2011

The First Weekend

Welcome back to my village.

It's more mine than usual right now because there are very few employees here. It's easy to have the cafeteria to myself, and on this morning's first walk the only person I saw was exercising in the gym.

A flock of waxwings exploded with a roar of wings.

The place is so empty, I can stroll along the road.

But I can't go here.

Several people have encouraged me to get skis, and I'm sure I'd enjoy the experience, but skis seem like a too large and impractical purchase for a non-driver who doesn't want to be dependent on others to get to most of the places to use them. My snowshoes are ordered.

Starting next month I'll have medical, dental, and vision insurance for the first time in years. It will cost about 1/3 of my paycheck and there's only a tiny medical clinic anywhere I can get to until next October, but there's nothing else to spend it on but beer and my favorite brand isn't sold here anyway. I'm going to have to find a supplier from Gardiner.


Northland said...

Nice pics of the waxwings! I can feel your excitement with being back. I think your choice of snowshoes is a good one if it's either skis or snowshoes. For picture taking and meandering they are much better than skis (though I ski most every day in season). You may want to borrow someone's XC ski poles and try them with the snowshoes for extra stability (and also for a stable platform for scenery pictures).
Having good snow for XC skiing in the Keweenaw now, but not enough snow to warrant snowshoes yet.

greentangle said...

Thanks, I was a bit amazed by the number and sound of the birds.

Yes, I thought snowshoes made more sense for me. My only concern is whether they'll really be needed here in the Mammoth area--last year certainly, and this year is forecast as similar so I'll hope they're correct. I actually did order poles too--we have some pretty good sized hills here. ;-)

Woodswalker said...

Welcome home! I can sense how happy you are to return to Yellowstone. What delight to have that gorgeous place almost all to yourself! And yes, snowshoes are a great choice for winter walking, allowing you to go to quiet isolated spots where you will encounter only the animals that make their homes there. Happy Winter!

greentangle said...

Thanks, Ww. These days have been very different with fewer people in the developed area than I'd ever seen before--probably as close as I'll ever get to the last man on earth idea. It will fill up soon though. Hoping for a snowy winter.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora GT,
Glad to read and see you back home. I am sure you find the place full of solitude and remote beauty in winter. Seeing it maybe as it should be experienced. The snowshoes sound great! I have always thought they would be great up on the mountain tops here in the New Zealand mountains I roam in winter. Might just have to buy some next year - summer here now. Peaceful Yuletide to you GT.

greentangle said...

Thanks, Robb. Yes, this does feel the most like home now which is good since I spend most of the year here. I guess all the folks who said I'd become a mountain person were right. And I do love the quiet.

I think the snowshoes are due here tomorrow. Don't need them right here, but maybe I'll attach them to the pack and take a longer hike this weekend.

Happy Solstice Season to all.