Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Loneliness vs. Solitude

It's been an interesting couple weeks here starting with very few people and gradually increasing. Even I, as someone usually quite content to be alone with books and computer and nature, sometimes felt the urge for someone to talk with, probably primarily because I haven't had the chance to learn for certain what resolution is coming with a woman who greatly interests me.

The full staff will be arriving within the next couple days for training before the hotel opens next week, so I expect a roommate any day. The hotel is only open for eleven weeks though so having a room to myself again is just around the corner. Between the roommate and getting trained for some new job duties, it's going to be a stressful few days of change.

Fortunately I have a plan for escape on Friday. Since I don't go away for weekends, I decided to split up my days off so I'll work a maximum of three days in a row. Friday will be my first day off under that schedule and I'll be hiking to the hoodoos.

Unplanned and improperly dressed, I walked partway there Sunday, passing the barricade which closes the road to traffic and walking along the road completely alone. Simultaneously feeling much less alone than some of the nights I've spent in the dorm while actually being much more alone, more peacefully alone with a greater sense of complete responsibility for myself than I've ever felt in Yellowstone.

I heard coyotes at one time as I walked and always half expected to see some creature trotting down the middle of the road toward me.

My snowshoes are here, but we haven't had much snow and they're not really not needed right now. I've ordered a new backpack to attach them to; if I had that now, I'd take them along Friday and wander away from the road anyway but this time I'll just stick to the road with the small laptop backpack I've been using on all my hikes here.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora GT,
As one who quite often goes into the mountains on my own, loneliness and solitude are something I often find myself contemplating. The truth is, for me, and as you observe in your words about walking down the road, is that there are times out here amongst society I feel very lonely, yet rarely on my own in the mountains have a felt that. Instead the solitude actually connects me more to what is around me. Sometimes that may or may not be a good thing, I don't really know. It just is. Peaceful Yuletide.

greentangle said...

Robb, I had no doubt that you would know exactly how I was feeling because you often express it much more eloquently on your own blog.

Just back from the full length version of that hike and will try to post tonight.