Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old Faithful Winter Day 1

It was wonderful to get away and see a snowier part of the park, but equally wonderful to get home. I was lucky enough to see several more parts of the park I'd never seen before. One of the problems with trying to write a blog about living in Yellowstone (even with very little writing involved any more as I just let the photos do their job) is that as wonderful day after day passes, it's easy to get behind. I took over 300 photos on my Old Faithful trip despite realizing about an hour into it that although I'd brought both my cameras, I hadn't brought the battery charger for either of them. So I'll divide the trip into three posts, probably followed by one about the lovely hike I had today with a friend.

Bison played a big part in the trip.

Here's a look at my fellow travelers ahead on the trip down. Yes, that is the main road we're riding on.

And a profile shot of my vehicle--they just replace van tires with tracks for the winter season.

One of the spots I don't think I'd ever had the chance to photograph before, although I'd passed it many times, was Gibbon Falls. The water here is passing over the edge of the caldera left when our volcano blew.

Volcanic eruptions are no excuse for unsafe picnicking.

Here's a look at the interior of my cabin.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the place. It was about twice the size of my dorm room, and with a very generous employee discount, cost me less than $50 a night. I loved the one cup coffee maker, or more often in my case, the one cup lemon zinger tea maker.

A look out my front door where I had to climb up and slide down a large hill left by snow falling off the roof.

Although I don't get that excited about geysers, I had some incredible luck with timing on this trip. This is the first of three times when I happened to catch Old Faithful erupting with no planning at all.

A lovely and serene portion of the Firehole River.

Following are a couple scenes from my favorite hike of the weekend, an obviously snowy walk through beautiful woods up to Solitary Geyser.

Mirror, mirror, on the ground, where's the loveliest place around?

And a very different view of the Firehole River.

It was fun to recognize a few employees I knew from past times in Mammoth. I finished off my first day by attending a ranger talk about bears in the park, followed by a long deep sleep which cured the exhaustion of a very busy day.


Laura said...

Beautiful pics! You are making me homesick! Glad you're enjoy the winter season.

greentangle said...

Well, hello, Laura! Do you know who I am? We'd all love to have you come home.

Woodswalker said...

Oh man, I am so jealous of all your beautiful snow! Out here in the Northeast, our ground is still bare. Glad you get to enjoy such amazing adventures.

Terry said...

Very cool. Mirror, mirror, is confusing. What are the edges of the hole? Is it a hole in ice, or a warm circular pond surrounded by snow? It looks like something big seen from up high, but obviously isn't. Unless the tree in the background is a few hundred feet tall :-)

greentangle said...

It was wonderful to see some serious snow for a change.

That mirror is a round hot spring pool surrounded by snow and a bit of ridge of material which builds up around it as it brings dissolved rock up to the surface.

Northland said...

Very nice water shots and the bison is truly iconic. We have lots of snow here too but are cursed with thawing temperatures for the week, looks like.

greentangle said...

Thanks, Don. Mid 30s and no snow in our forecast for this week.