Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sierra Nevada Wolf

OK, I'm messing with you. This really isn't about the wolf who recently emigrated to California. But I believe he may be trying to get to Chico, only two counties away from his present location, to get himself a Pale Ale.

I can't buy this fine brew here in Mammoth, and you wouldn't believe how much it costs to have it shipped (yes, I checked). A friend went to Bozeman yesterday and picked this up for me. She brought it to breakfast this morning and sat it on the chair next to me. As I was eating, my eyes kept drifting over to that lovely pale green box.

Coincidentally, I'm currently reading an advance copy of Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, but it's really more of a memoir of trauma than a book about the trail. People are giving it good reviews.

A bus operated by the company which gets me back and forth between Minnesota and Bozeman crashed this morning, killing or injuring everyone on board. It was farther west than I've gone yet, just east of Missoula where I may travel on my next break in October.

If you've read this far, I'll finally reward you with a good Yellowstone ecology story about how our limited snow has caused one wolf pack to venture into other areas of the park, and the canine conflicts which have resulted. The sidebar mentions the pack which has been howling in my neighborhood. And if you click the discussion tab, you'll find several examples of the ignorance and wolf hatred which is unfortunately very common in this region.


Allan Stellar said...

So sorry you can't get Sierra Nevada there. As much as Sierra Nevada is loved in Chico,a town near Chico (Oroville) boasts a brewery where the beer is even better.

And I'm keeping a lookout for that wolf who is traveling towards us. But what is not mentioned is the fact that all these rednecks around here have released their own wolves into the wild that have been co-mingling with the coyotes, creating a pack of carnivores that can take down a goat and have no fear of humans. Wolves have already been reintroducted to California; we have the redneck potgrowers to thank for that. And one of them (the wolves) took a couple of my chickens last week.

I look forward to your review of the PCT book. I've been dreaming about taking a summer off to try and do the Thru thing myself.

greentangle said...

I have one lonely bottle left until I find my next supplier. There is a book about the company coming out this summer called "Beyond the Pale".

Very interesting time for wolves here as they're on the move because the largest pack called the Mollies, the biggest wolves in the park, are wandering the park following their top female who's looking for a new mate. Lots of wolves being killed along the way.

I didn't care for the book that much but my review is now on the Amazon page.