Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back in the Dry World

It was quite a change getting back to Mammoth after Old Faithful, and even more of a change when a friend and I headed down to the Rescue Creek trail for a hike.

That coyote was along the road to Gardiner and posed while we stopped at a pullout and took some photos. I've been seeing lots of coyotes lately--that one, more at Old Faithful, and today one trotted along the roads in Mammoth. I first spotted him near the post office and last saw him headed down the road toward Roosevelt.

Here's a couple looks at the Yellowstone River as it approaches Gardiner and the northern border of the park.

And just for the sake of showing the complete lack of snow, a group of bighorn sheep.

Although the trail looked bone dry, it was actually quite slippery with mud. We also saw another coyote, and a long line of elk along a distant ridge top. At one point, my friend made a sound I thought I recognized as meaning she'd encountered an icy patch but when I turned back saw a year old bison behind her. We moved on before mom arrived.

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Northland said...

Nice raven close-up! Glad you had a good time on your vacation. I don't recall if you said whether you got use out of your snowshoes, but you don't have much snow at Mammoth, so I 'd imagine that they are unnecessary, unless ice is a factor.
We are just off a big thaw with a thick crust on the 2 feet of snow but off trail it is still posthole time.