Friday, February 24, 2012

No Nature for You, Kid

We've all been aware that most adults and children are losing their connection with nature. From increasing urban populations to loss of natural areas to fear of letting children out of sight to more time in the electronic and virtual world to popular books on the subject, this comes as no surprise. Here's the latest--a study which even shows a decrease of nature illustrations in children's books.

This time, I'm not bucking the trend--I've got nothing nature-related for you either. I haven't gotten out for a good walk in a week. We've gradually been accumulating snow, and have a decent amount of ground cover now. From what I've been told, late winter is when the most snow falls here, but I'm not expecting a major storm this year. I hope I'm wrong.

Both the hotel and the employee recreation program will be shutting down soon until May. Most people will be leaving in less than two weeks, including one who has caused me to be more sociable than I have in a long time. I expect the lower population and increased solitude will get me out hiking or snowshoeing more.

On the other hand, books have been flowing in so I'll need to spend more time reading--Amazon's Vine program now has another newsletter which allows me to take more free books, and I've signed up for several publishing industry newsletters which also do giveaways. And at last, a couple of the books which I've been offered are about nature. I'm finishing up Bird Sense: What It's Like to Be a Bird by Tim Birkhead, and on its way is Bernd Heinrich's Life Everlasting: The Animal Way of Death.

Finally, I'll brag a bit here, though just yesterday I told someone I didn't like to brag after she said to me, "You didn't tell us . . . " So I'll tell you. Long ago, I went to Atlantic City to try to get on Jeopardy and failed. Earlier this week, the rec department had a Yellowstone Jeopardy evening where all the subjects were Yellowstone-related. I am the champion. Cue Queen.

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