Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old Faithful Winter Day 3

If it's February, those must be Great Horned Owls I hear across the street in the morning.

Back on Monday morning at Old Faithful, a coyote was prowling the basin.

I'm not sure which would be worse--being surrounded by bison or being neon green.

This sign is above the door of the Snow Lodge. The words in the brown circle are Nature, Mystery, Majesty, and Scenery. Not a bad combination.

Another coyote (or maybe the same one later in the day) went running down the road in front of us as we left Old Faithful. We'd see the same behavior by bison later on the trip, just as I'm sure we've all seen it with birds flying short distances ahead of us as we walked a trail wishing they'd just move to the side and let us pass without disturbing them.

A couple scenes from the Fountain Paint Pot area.

And another place I'd never seen before: Firehole Falls, which is located off Firehole Canyon Drive, one of the few side roads in Yellowstone. As on every one of these side roads I've traveled, I was stunned by the beauty.

This raven was investigating a long line of parked snowmobiles in search of a compartment containing food or some other treasure.

Then paused to investigate me.

I mentioned the bison we got stuck behind as we neared Mammoth. Animals use the roads in the winter because the snow is packed down and much easier traveling then forcing one's way through deep snow. It's an unfortunate situation for everyone involved when a vehicle gets trapped behind them.

I'll wind up my Old Faithful trip reports with bison butts in our headlights.


Northland said...

Nice to be out and about in your home park!

Emily Brisse said...

Wonderful photos! What I wouldn't do for some actual snow here in the lower half of Minnesota...

greentangle said...

It was very nice to see a different part of the park in winter. In a couple weeks I'll be taking a day trip to Canyon.

Thanks, Emily, we'd all love to see more of that snow here in the northern part of Yellowstone as well.

Laura said...

I believe I know who you are only because of previous posts. I've been reading your blog for some time and recall a post from your first season where you were working in the accounting office. I wasn't 100% sure until you mentioned visiting Minnesota and New Orleans on your break. I believe I remember you mentioning these plans one morning at the breakfast table in the EDR???

greentangle said...

Yes, that's me. I didn't realize anyone from here had been reading. Glad to hear from you.